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Includes bed and breakfast, Countryside or Sea experience restaurant menu, 1 hour spa access and a 25 minute renovating, regenerating and detoxing treatment. Choose between two great experiences:

Sea Experience: oils made with samphire and seaweed. With regenerative, detoxifying and anti-cellulite properties.

Pleasure of the Land: made with tea tree oil, turmeric and cypress. With soothing anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties.

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Spa Tarragona

Meal + Spa + Massage

Enjoy this unique and complete experience, a perfect combination that includes a one-hour session in our spa and thermal circuit, a relaxing massage that will leave you like new and complete Indulge your senses in our gastronomic restaurant Bruixes Burriac by Jaume Drudis

Duration: 25 minutes + 1 Hour Spa. Price: 75 € per person

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Spa Tarragona

Happy Beauty Cava

The treatment consists of a deep body scrub, enveloped and a pleasant relaxing massage with cava oil.
We will complete this wonderful moment with a whirlpool bath with colour therapy accompanied by an aperitif.

Duration: 90 min. Price: 180 €/couple

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Spa Tarragona

Memories of Provence

Enjoy a relaxing 50-minute massage with essential lavender oils with calming qualities.
Lavender oil is a great balancer of body functions.
It has sedative properties and strengthens the heart, reduces hypertension, and calms the nerves thanks to its sedative effects.

Duration: 50 minutes Price: 99 € per person

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Spa Tarragona

Coffee & Roses – for him and her

For HIM, a revitalizing massage with coffee peeling, a body treatment specifically designed for men.
And for HER an exfoliating BODY SCRUB, with a THREE ROSES FACIAL, a premium treatment for tired and dehydrated skin

Duration: 50 minutes (+ 1 hour Spa Circuit). Price: 130 € per couple

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The Hotel Gran Claustre spa is a tranquil space which gives you the peace to enjoy unique moments, to relax and feel cared for.

We want to make your stay an unforgettable moment, where you are the reason for all we do.

We propose some treatments that represent a cult of health, an opportunity for healing the body, mind and spirit with the personal touch of our health care and beauty.

Our water area is a luxury for your senses, with contrasts of water at different pressures and temperatures, that transports you to ancient cultures that used the “Spa” treatment not only as a club, but also as a method for removing toxins and improve blood circulation.

A menu of services provides different options: relaxing and calming, sublime, therapeutic and also including therapies based on oriental medicine treatments.

Our aesthetic treatments include natural products, Ayurvedic medicine formulated with essential oils of nature, plants, roots, floral extracts. These treatments become a ritual for the beauty of skin and body care.

A menu of services with different orientations: relaxing and calming, sublime, therapeutic and oriental medicine-based therapies.