Express Massages

Do not let time be an obstacle to enjoy a good massage! Our express massages are of short duration (25 minutes) and are designed to give you the brief, but dreamed, rest that you deserve.

Our professionals can advise you on our express massages’ menu, including localized or alternative massages.

Give your body and mind the care they deserve!

Price per person

Short break

Sea Breezes

Relaxing located massage in the upper body.

Enjoy a sensory experience that will help you recovering your energy quickly.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 35

A different massage

Bamboo Therapy

It is an alternative relaxation therapy with bamboo canes in the rear area of legs and back.

The cane movements above the skin produce a sedative effect that will help you reduce your stress levels.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 35

Total Relax

Indian Head Massage

Cranial massage based on the Indian medicine.

Its goal is to act on the specific points of face, shoulders, neck and head with the purpose of providing a balance and natural wellness to your body.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 35

Take care of your back

Express Therapeutic

Back massage with infrared light applied. This therapy helps reducing the muscle pain because of the natural resource that provides against the pain.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 40

For the youngest


Smooth massage with neutral oil specially thought for the care and relaxation of the youngest ones.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 35

Relieve and release

Tired Legs and Feet

Active massage with cold gel intended for activating the blood flow so that it relieves the overload and heaviness feelings.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 40

Your feet, your wellness

Foot reflexology

Therapeutic technique based on the manual stimulation of some points in the foot for making beneficial effects in other reflect parts of the body.

This therapy contributes to balance the energy levels.

Duration: 25 min. Price: 40

Personalise your experience

You can add to any experience extra services such as a spa session, minute supplements, lunch/dinner at Bruixes de Burriac Restaurant, a jacuzzi session or turn one of the experiences into a gift box.

You can also add an appetizer to your chosen experience.

The perfect gift to surprise

Give Gran Claustre

Turn any experience in a gift voucher.

Our gift box is the perfect present to surprise anyone. The receiver will get a LUXURY BOX with a customized gift voucher.

Booking request


From Monday to Sundays, from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 15:00 to 20:00.

It is mandatory to make a reservation request. Once we receive it, we’ll contact you (by email or telephone) to confirm the reservation.